We are on the threshold of a major change in transportation policy in the Sunshine State. Off-road paved trails are being taken seriously. These long narrow corridors usually follow an abandoned railway, canal bank, scenic highway, or utility transmission lines.  Local governments and citizens groups have created these paved trails in communities from the Florida Keys to the Panhandle. The Foundations seeks to close the gaps between existing trails in order to create a system of greenways and trails throughout the state.

Regionally connected trails are becoming the expectation in Florida's future.  A SUNTrail System (“Shared-Use, Nonmotorized Trails”) is becoming a reality.  Planning and developing these trails will only be realized through persistent support, coordination and education about their benefits at the local, regional, and state level.  The “maps” section of the website presents a selection of proposed “trails of regional significance”.

FDOT SUNTrails Website